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  wajin, which has continuously pursued research and development for woman's skin care, succeeded in developing the Magic Beauty, the first all-around skin massage equipment in Korea. Now they are being produced under strict quality control.
  osmetic Good Manufacturing Practice (C.G.M.P.) equipped facilities allows Hwajin to produce finely-balanced
cosmetic applications from the very base of base ingredients; from Isiloe, Ladia, Se jour and Achieve brand to
skin covers as well as perfumes. In all, a variety of 40 different cosmetic items are in production along
with the nation's first complete skin care management system ' Magic Beauty', all produced with the strictest
of quality standards.
The motto of Hwajin's R & D staff- "Only the Very Best is Good Enough".
Their sheer will and determination to provide the very best in cosmetics has been proven time and
age by our consumers.
  his sincere and honest human endeavor has brought Hwajin Cosmetics to where it is today with a rising of the standards by which cosmetics are judged. The discovery, analysis and sophisticated blending of natural elements as well as correct application for nutritional and health skincare-the creation of health skincare management is Hwajin's steadfast philosophy and the cornerstone for today and the times ahead.

ith acquired knowledge and expertise, the state of the art production facilities at Bucheon, Kyung-Ki Province are producing a complete line of color applications and base cosmetics, bringing the world of Hwajin to the attention
of the world at large.

We place priority to the best quality and best elements so that we can provide the top-notch cosmetics products to consumers. And our sincere and faithful services are also offered steadily for them.