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atellite Broadcast system is the one of the best method that Hwajin is pursuing all employees to attend the session. All employees have an access to go and participate in any types of session at any Hwajin branch offices in Korea by watching satellite Broadcast.
Training class by satellite Broadcast system is offering a conversational format and everyone has an opportunity to ask any questions of our executives in real time.

raining class is also based on our directors' experienced stories. It will provide you with the new concept to success and give you the meaningful moment.

e offer daily training sessions twice a day for developing sales ability to our sales managers. All sales managers are required to join those two sessions in the sales offices.
The purpose of the daily training session for our sales managers is to teach how to manage their staffs and to train themselves through their presentation. As of July 2000, our presidents from each sales division corporation are giving lectures in front of sales managers for them to be trained and to be a real CEO.
The real goal of the training session is that we assist, support and give the opportunities to our sales managers to accomplish their success from a sales manager to CEO in this cosmetic sales area.