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The meaning of 'Make-up' in dictionary is 'to complete.'
As a expansion meaning, make-up is something that makes the other people's faces beautiful
with colors and forms in a harmony with the hair and the clothes.

  n the modern society, make-up means designing the human body without any restriction of materials in various
methods according to the subject. The various methods are defined as creating the forms of the eyes, nose,
mouth as well as internal spirit and external sense.

It protects the skin from external dusts, UV, polluted air and temperature.

For the pursuit of human's fundamental beauty, it takes part in reviving outward appearance and supplementing the flaws.

By providing self-confidence to one's look, it supports the self-confidence to participate in
the social life with active and positive attitude.

Color : Color takes an important part for the make-up and it's necessary to select for the
situation and the place.
- Cold color : As an expression of active women, it brings intelligence and fresh feeling.
- Warm color : It gives a tender, mild and romantic feeling.


Brightness : With an appropriate selection, it highlights the 3-dimensional effect by revising the make-up.
- Highly bright foundation : put on the parts for projection, especially the middle forehead,
the ridge of the nose and jaw.
- Lowly bright foundation : Put on the parts for reduction, especially the edge of the forehead, the nose bone and under the jaw.
- Highly bright eye shadow : Make the eye for prominence with highlight color.
- Lowly bright eye shadow : Make the eye to deep-set with a darker color.


Chroma : Sentimental effect is applied to eye shadow, lipstick, nail, etc.
- High chroma : It shows active and brilliant image
- Low chroma : It shows soft and warm image
- Harmony of similar color gives a soft image and a complementary color gives a strong   image.