Change and Growth

2000's ~ 2016's


  • Entitlement of Hwajin’s Institute for Business Development & Biotech Research in Chuncheon city, Gangwon Province
  • Admission to 63 CITY Hanwha Galleria Duty Free Shop
  • Admission to HDC Shilla Duty Free
  • Admission to Mu An International Airport Duty Free Shop
  • Designated as the official brand of the Korea Model Association
  • Joint research partnership agreement for "to increase the availability of natural resources and develop functional products" in Gangwon Province Natural Environment Research Park
  • Admission to Myeong-dong Shinsegae Department Store & Duty Free Shop
  • ‘2016 Beyonned Awards in Shanghai' Awarded in Superior Skin Care Brand
  • ‘2016 Beyonned Awards in Shanghai' Awarded in Global Homme Icon Cosmetics
  • ‘2016 Asia Beauty Awards’ Awarded in Skin Care Brand
  • Selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a participating in the corporate development project in 2016
    (Urban industrialization through high value added product development utilizing pine tree forest base in Hongcheon)
  • Agreement on business partnership with Minister of Shanghai, China
  • Admission to Myeongdong Polaris Duty Free Shop
  • Agreements on Hwajin Cosmetics with the Trade Business Center in Gangwon Province
  • '2016 International Beauty Brand Awards in Xiamen’ on high performance award

  • Korea Chemical Engineering Association sign an industrial-academic cooperation agreement
  • Selected as the host organization for the business promotion business of the economic cooperation business by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in 2015 (Development of health care products applied to fermentation technology using wild ginseng somatic cell adventitious roots)
  • Selected by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy as a participating organization for developing grassroots companies in 2015
    (Jeongseon Astragalus Membranaceus Bio-Commercialization Project)
  • Winning prize at 2015 GTI International Trade & Investment Fair
  • ‘2015 Brand Awards in Shanghai’ Winner of the global cosmetics awards
  • Korea Model Association’s official brand designation (The brand selected by the 3,000 beautiful models of the Korea Model Association (2015.12.1~2016.11.30)
  •  Establishes a health functional food research institute in Hongcheon city, Gangwon Province

  • Business agreement form for designation <Hongcheon goat ginseng industrial district>
  • Launched "Aegis Simchung", a skin-enhancing complex management device
  • International Beauty Expo Korea business partnership agreement (Korea Cosmetics Industry Cooperative Association)
  •  Selected by the Education Ministry as a participant in the 2014 innovation, creative, human resources development project (Developed beauty food products containing high-functioning limonene perilla seeds)

  • "The study on the comprehensive skin management method using the skin general management system’ Patent acquired in Thailand
  • Moved to a new factory at Hongcheon city, Gangwon Province
  • Transfer of Technology Research Institute and a recognition of the Institute for Business Development (Hongcheon city, Gangwon Province)

  • Changed corporate name to Aegis Hwajin Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
  • Changed corporate name to Aegis Hwajin N&H Co., Ltd.
  • Appointment ceremony of TV Home Shopping Committee of Korean Federation of Small and Medium Business Administration
  •  Patent registration
    * A method for disintegration of Ginseng powder to improve the efficiencies of ginsenoside extraction

  • The relocation of the office building (654-85, Hwajin building in Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, 07571, South Korea)

  • Signed corporate sponsorship contract for children
  • Signed ceremony for business of Daelim Sung Mo Hospital
  • Selected as 'Best Companies with New Growth Engines' by Money Today
  • Groundbreaking ceremony of Hongcheon factory
  • Concluded the theological agreement of Korea IT specialized College
  • Open an authorized retail store in Onju, China
  • Sign agreement with family company of Gangwon Human Resources Training & Medical Center
  •  Acquisition of ISO 14001 certification

  • Recognize sites that apply the best health function food manufacturing standards (GMP)
  • Industry-academia cooperation concluded with Chuncheon Bio Industry Promotion Agency
  • Agreements and deliver funds to support ‘Children's Love’ companies
  • Hwajin Cosmetics distributor open ceremony in China's Hangzhou

  • Hansung University's Industrial-Academic Cooperation Agreement
  • Launch of Hwajin Broadcasting ‘Song TV’
  • Relocation of a new factory in Hwajin N&H Pocheon city
  • Korea Productivity Center’s (PMS) production management system designated company award
  •  Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification

  • Renewal of New Magic Beauty and release ‘New Magic Beauty Plus’
  • Expanded to around 300 branches of domestic sales in Korea
  • Certified as an technology-innovative (innobiz) enterprise company (Small and Medium Business Administration)
  • Seoul city’s Volunteer Center agreement

  • Expanded to more than 200 branches of domestic sales in Korea
  • Signed an industrial-academic cooperation with Gangwon National University
  • Signed an industrial-academic cooperation with Seokyeong University

  • Established Hwajin N&H Co., Ltd.

  • Activate customized service on 'Only4U' CRM system
  • Acquire New Magic Beauty CE (EU) Certification AE 50026875 0001 / AN 50023761 0001
  • 30 cosmetic products registered in FDA by the US Food and Drug Administration

  • Moved to a new office, (157-36, Samsung-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Hwajin Building)
  • Magic Beauty 2000, upgraded to launch New Magic Beauty
  • Acquired United Kingdom CCAS Accreditation Board ISO9001:2000 Certification
  • Build160 branches nationwide

  • Moved to a new office, (654-85, Deungchon-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul)
  • Product registered (No. E0011540) with US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • Release Magic Beauty 2000 (skin massage device)
  • Transfer of Technology Research Institute and a recognition of the Institute for Business Development