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Can help increase endurance

216g 800mg x 90 Capsules x 3 Bottles Health Functional Food

Details of Product

Hwajin Octacosanol 365
Can help increase endurance

Octacosanol is a type of natural, saturated, high-quality, fatty alcohol found in embryos such as wheat, rice, and sugarcane, and is a physiological active substance that exists in nature. In studying the energy sources of migratory birds that fly thousands of kilometers day and night in different seasons and regions, we noticed that the energy in the food of migratory birds was contained in them, and we found that the material that produces the energy was "Octacosanol". OCtacosanol absorbed in the body quickly decomposes fat tissue, inducing energy generation, and increasing the storage of glycogen, which is directly related to the performance of terrestrial motion, helping to improve physical and endurance.

Hwajin Octacosanol 365 is a soft capsule of the main ingredient, "containing octacosanol," and is easy to carry. It's made of P.T.P paper. It is also a health function food of soft capsules made by adding garlic oil, oyster extract powder, gas guaccharide extract powder, taurine, zinc oxide, L-arginine, etc. to help increase endurance.

Recommended customers

  • Those who often feel tired from overwork and stress
  • Those who need to improve their stamina and physical strength
  • Someone who needs energy in a lethargic life

Nutrition. functional information

One doseContent%Nutrient standard1 Serving
Calorific quantity6.4Kcal-

1 Capsule


Functional or surface composition:
Octacosanol  8.6mg

% Nutrient Reference Values : Ratio to Daily Nutrient Reference

ingestion method

Intake capsules 3 times a day, take 1 capsule at a time with drinking water

Notes on ingestion

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place.
  • Be careful when opening the P.T.P. package, as this may cause injury.
  • Special body types and allergies may occur during over-consumption, so check the ingredients and the amount of intake.
  • People who are allergic to soybeans, etc. should be careful when taking them.
  • If you experience abnormal symptoms such as gastrointestinal disorders and indigestion, stop eating.

Feature Information

Can help increase endurance

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