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It can help increase immunity, improve fatigue, and control blood flow, memory, and acidity through inhibition of platelets.

1,350g 15g x 30 Pouches x 3 Boxes Health Functional Food

Details of Product

Hwajin Red Ginseng Gel
It can help increase immunity, improve fatigue, and control blood flow, memory, and acidity through inhibition of platelets.

What is red ginseng?
  • Red ginseng is dried by steaming unpeeled ginseng. When red ginseng is made, the reaction of heat-induced ginseng is stimulated, resulting in a reddish color. Red ginseng sometimes contains an increased amount of jinsenoside, which is useful for ginseng, while red ginseng-based jinsenoside, which is not found in ginseng, is also produced.
    Red ginseng contains various kinds of ginsenoside, such as RB1, Rd, Rg1, Rg3, and Rh1, and polyacethylene, amino acid, arginine, and phenolic compounds, which are known to be beneficial for complex living organisms and are known for their functions. In other words, the function of red ginseng is to help boost immunity and recover from fatigue by combining saponin and other compounds.

Functionality of red ginseng

  • Red ginseng can help maintain healthy immune function by increasing the activity of immune cells. In order to maintain a healthy immune system, appropriate immune cells must perform their functions smoothly. Red ginseng can increase the immune cells you need, or adjust its function to help you with your immune system.
  • Red ginseng can help improve fatigue by controlling the hormones (cathemines, cortisol and corticotropin) involved in energy production. Physical fatigue is caused by exercise, relaxation, malnutrition, etc., and usually when the amount of exercise increases, the energy stored in muscles and liver is depleted and you feel tired. Red ginseng estimates that it improves its ability to improve fatigue by regulating the energy-producing hormones released by hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenal cortex.
  • Red ginseng can boost your body's metabolism, strengthen your mind and body, and improve your fatigue.
  • Red ginseng can help keep blood flow healthy through excessive platelet coagulation by inhibiting substances that cause platelets. Blood flow means that blood travels through the blood vessels to each part of the body. One of the factors preventing blood flow is excessive blood clotting. When a blood vessel is damaged, platelets are collected in the damaged area, and blood clots are formed along with a number of controlling materials, which is haemostatic. In normal cases, the haemostasis is suppressed, the blood mass is decomposed again, maintaining the constancy of the blood. In addition, the chemicals released during the blood clotting process can cause vascular contraction. Thus, while blood clotting is important to reduce blood loss and maintain normal flow, abnormal blood clotting can interfere with blood flow.

Hwajin red ginseng gel is

  • Hwajin red ginseng gel is a health function food that is made to eat sapponin (effective ingredients) of red ginseng by mixing red ginseng concentrate (inflation effect, domestic) with white grape concentrate, fructo-olidang, galacto-olidang, kashio-gapi and plum concentrate.

Recommended customers

  • Men and women who want to help with their immune system/an active growing child
  • an easily fatigued and exhausted child
  • those who need help on blood flow smoothly
  • those who need to help improve their memory/workers with heavy workload and fatigue
  • tired students with heavy schoolwork

Nutrition. functional information

One doseContent%Nutrient standard1 Serving
Calorific quantity27.9Kcal

1 Pouch


Functional or surface composition:
The sum of ginsenosides Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 is 3 mg

% Nutrient Reference Values : Ratio to Daily Nutrient Reference

ingestion method

Please take once a day, 1 pouch at a time.

Notes on ingestion

  • Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place as it may be affected by water and heat.
  • If you experience any unusual reactions depending on the patient's physical condition, stop eating and contact the place of purchase and customer counseling.
  • Special body types and allergies may occur during over-consumption, so check the ingredients and the amount of intake.
  • People who are allergic to soybeans, etc. should be careful when taking them.
  • If you experience abnormal symptoms such as gastrointestinal disorders and indigestion, stop eating.

Feature Information

It can help increase immunity, improve fatigue, and control blood flow, memory, and acidity through inhibition of platelets.

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